Competitions are a great and fun way to get feedback on your home-brewed beers, and learn ways to improve your craft.  Use the links on the left menu to find upcoming competitions, and results of recent competitions.

Taken from the BJCP website:

Product evaluation is an important part of brewing, whether performed informally or formally and whether the product is from a commercial or home brewery. Formal beer evaluation serves three primary purposes in the context of brewing competitions. First, the beer evaluations provide feedback to the brewer concerning how well an individual recipe represents its intended beer style. This feedback can be useful as recipes are fine-tuned and attempts are made to improve the beer. Second, beer evaluations may provide brewers with troubleshooting advice. These diagnostic suggestions are particularly helpful when the brewer cannot identify the source of off-flavors or aromas. A knowledgeable beer evaluator can provide the brewer with suggestions for changing procedures and equipment that can help eliminate undesirable flavor and aroma components. Third, beer evaluation provides a fairly unbiased method for selecting and recognizing outstanding beers in brewing competitions.