kcbiermeisters RT @SchumacherDavid: Ready to head up to Omaha for @GreatNEBeerFest I'll be pouring SchuBrew with @kcbiermeisters come say hi
kcbiermeisters Holy hop additions, Batman! http://t.co/BfzXaQLhiz
kcbiermeisters @MajorBrandsMO rumor on the street is you distribute @FirestoneWalker Pivo Pils in MO, where could one find this tasty beverage?
kcbiermeisters RT @DillaWu: Where do I get one of those hats with the bills on the side? All the hats I buy have the bills in the front.
kcbiermeisters Last night's meeting was a success with the new board and Amanda's off flavors presentation. Thanks to everyone who came out!